Sam started his indoor cycling journey 10 years ago, and along the way had the idea of his own brand of freestyle cycling, where you could have new music everyday. Sam taught on cruise ships all over the world before moving to New York in 2015 to work with Flywheel Indoor Cycling. Sam has brought the best qualities from every style of indoor cycling he has every taught to create Studio360 Cycle alongside Krissy!    In Sam's classes you'll hear...  some alternative tracks (Sam is a huge Triple J fan), but he knows a banger when he hears one, so get ready for some uplifting top 40 hits as well with the occasional old school R&B thrown in.  Riders describe Sam as... very uplifting,...

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Krissy started her life in the fitness business 10 years ago, fresh faced and eager to build her passion into a career. Over the last 10 years she has taught more classes then she could ever count and still loves it more than ever. Sam and Krissy met in 2011, and after years of dreaming big, in 2016 Studio360 Cycle was created. In Krissy's classes you'll hear... music that will get your heart pumping with a strong beat so expect to hear, House, RnB, and even some old classics.  Riders describe Krissy as... Motivating and energetic. I try not to take life to seriously but I’m a stickler for perfect technique and not letting people give up when I know they have...

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Scott started his fitness career in 2002 and has taught everything from indoor cycle to dance and everything in between.  He was previously a Presenter and Trainer with some of Australia’s leading fitness brands which gave him the opportunity to work with and develop instructors around the country. Scott discovered Studio360 in 2018 and instantly fell in love with the variety and creative freedom that came with delivering a new ride and experience in every class and knew that it was something he wanted to be a part of! In Scott's RIDES you'll hear... a little bit of everything!  Not one to shy away from a Top 40 belter, you’re also going to get your fair share of dirty-late-night bangers, some...

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